First Image from Columbia’s THE SMURFS

     February 1, 2010

The Smurfs movie image slice.jpg

Since the dawn of the computer age, men have wondered what a CG Smurf would look like, and today we have our answer: simply adorable. managed to get their hands on a black-and-white image from the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the beloved ’80s cartoon, which is currently in production. The pic features a delightful little fellow who apparently goes by the name of Smurfy. Or maybe “Smurfy” is an adjective being used to describe him…if you’ve seen the original 1980s cartoon, you know just how broad and ambiguous the usage of the root word “smurf” tends to be.

Based on a Belgian comic strip, The Smurfs were a Hanna-Barbera production that ran from 1981-1990. The show followed the adventures of a race of tiny blue humanoids living idyllic lives in their forest village. The big-screen update is being brought to you by Columbia Pictures and will be helmed by Scooby Doo director Raja Gosnell. It’s currently set to be released on July 29, 2011. Hit the jump for the pic.

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The Smurfs movie image (1).jpg


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