First Image from THE HOST 2

     September 1, 2009

The Host 2 movie image of the monster - slice.jpg

I know I’ve seen that hideous, Korean-stomping beast before…Oh, right.  2006’s acclaimed monster movie from Bong Joon-Ho, “The Host”.  You think I’d remember something like that.  Well, now the monster is back for more since they don’t really kick back and decide it’s time to retire.  The first image from the film has arrived online and since the film has become a cult sensation, I imagine you might want to check the image out after the jump.

The image comes from the Korean website, Duan [via Bloody Digusting] and since I don’t read Korean, I’m going to have to take BD’s word that Ning Hao’s sequel is about, “a calamity caused when people ignore a monster due to their desire for money.”  As I’m sure “Host” fans already know, Bong has nothing to do with this film and it’s really just an attempt to cash in on the success of the first film.  See, other countries do it too.

BD also notes that the film will have to tread carefully in order to avoid criticizing the Chinese government which I think is weird because they’re usually so laid back.  They stopped their tanks to that one guy could cross the street.


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