First Look at ABC’s V and FLASH FORWARD

     May 19, 2009

monica_baccarin_tv_image_abc_V_01.jpgWith their upfront presentation, ABC has revealed clips from two of their upcoming shows: “Flash Forward” and the remake of the miniseries “V”.

I have little familiarity with the original “V” beyond knowing that it’s about an alien race that at first appears benevolent and then not so much.  With this new look, I’ll say I don’t care if Monica Baccarin is attractive (short hair aside).  No one is good looking enough to look down on me from the underside of their spaceship with a massive HDTV, tell me “Don’t panic,” and then not have me panic the fuck out.

What does look intriguing is how these two clips, the aliens are playing to the vanity of man and using powers of manipulation which I think is far more interesting than “We will blast the ever-loving fuck out of your planet with giant lasers.”

Check out the clips for “V” as well as my thoughts on the clip for “Flash Forward” after the jump.

The other shows is “Flash Forward” which ABC probably hopes will be the next big genre-mystery-sci-fi show on the network once “Lost” finishes its run next January.  The show revolves around a question of what happened when everyone on the planet blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and the quick flashes of the future they saw when they blacked out.  Sadly, this tiresome clip’s attempt to explain the title doesn’t give me a lot of hope for the show.  Hopefully, I’m wrong.