First Look at David Ellis’ HUMPTY DUMPTY

     May 15, 2009

humpty_dumpty_movie_poster_slice_01.jpgEvery time I write a story about David Ellis’ upcoming film, “Humpty Dumpty”, I will make sure to include the brief plot description because it lets you know that this could potentially be one of the greatest films of all time:

The 3-D sci-fi horror pic is about a half-human, half-alien creature who embarks on a murderous rampage after his alien mother is abused by two rednecks in the Deep South.


YES.  And from the director of “Final Destination 2”, “Snakes on a Plane”, and the upcoming “Final Destination 3-D: Death Trip”.  The film’s official MySpace page [via ShockTilYouDrop] posted the first pieces of art for the film and if this film has a right direction (how can this film go wrong?  It’s too depressing a thought to contemplate), the film is headed in it.  If this movie is just 90 minutes of an egg-man fucking up rednecks, it will be one of the greatest films of the year.  And while I’m definitely over the whole 3-D silliness, I refuse to see this film in anything other than 3-D.

Check out one of the images after the jump and head over to the MySpace page to see the rest.


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