First Look at Sigourney Weaver’s Avatar in James Cameron’s AVATAR

     August 26, 2009


I would say that reactions thus far to James Cameron’s have been negative-to-mixed.  My personal reaction is that people are using the wrong metrics to judge it.  It’s an adventure film and you can make fun of the CG all you want but I’m more interested in seeing if it makes me believe this world and these characters actually exist.  What I saw at Comic-Con got me pretty close (I still have some problems with the texturing and how the Avatars look in the real world instead of the all-CG world of Pandora).

But one of the things I liked most about the Comic-Con footage was not only seeing Sigourney Weaver but seeing that she would be an Avatar alongside Sam Worthington.  Like Worthington, Weaver’s Avatar bears a resemblance to her real face and I think that’s fantastic because she’s such a great actress.  I’m happy that she’s not only reuniting with James Cameron but she has a real role as opposed to just a cameo.  Hit the jump to see Sigourney in her Na’vi form.  “Avatar” hits theatres on December 18th.

This photo comes from the latest issue of Empire and if you want to see more images, keep heading over to their website where they not only have a character featuring Jake (Worthington) and I imagine they’ll have more images from the film in the near future.


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