First Look at THE SMURFS in CG

     August 31, 2009

Smurfs (1).jpg

“The Smurfs” is way before my time. I’ll smile and nod when they’re referenced in casual conversation or pop culture, as in Richard Kelly’s “Donnie Darko,” but I’ve never actually watched the show. In fact, my first exposure will likely be when the computer generated, 3-D film comes out holiday season 2010.

From what I can gather, the film follows a small community of the little blue guys that are threatened by an evil wizard who wants to use them for some undisclosed evil purpose. Though I’m told the film is in CG, this first picture looks startlingly like claymation, and fans of the originals will appreciate that very little artistic liberty was taken in their adaptation. For the first picture of a Smurf in the new millenium, head past the jump.

Thanks to Coming Soon and PVC Blue.

Smurfs movie image.jpg

and how they used to look….



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