First Photo of Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Red Mist in Matthew Vaughn’s KICK-ASS

     July 8, 2009


MTV’s Splash Page has landed the first photo of Christopher Mintz-Plasse as superhero sidekick “Red Mist” in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic series, “Kick-Ass”.  In keeping with what I assume is the makeshift style of costumes for those that choose to be superheroes rather than having any special abilities, Red Mist looks like he wanted something that screams “Leather Daddy” and he got it.  I kind of hope they have some footage soon because this is the problem with individual stills: they lack context and are subject to easy mockery and even easier dismissal.

Hit the jump to see the full photo and find out when and where you’ll be able to finally see footage from this noise.

According to Splash Page, the first footage from the film will screen at Comic-Con in a couple weeks and Mintz-Plasse will join Vaughn and comic co-creator John Romita Jr. for the film’s panel.  Mintz-Plasse plays Chris D’Amico, a young vigilante inspired by the exploits of Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), the unlikely hero the series/film is named after.  The film also stars Nicolas Cage and Chloe Moretz as father-daughter vigilante team “Big Daddy” and “Hit-Girl”, respectively (although I would love to see that casting the other way around).


For those just tuning in, here’s a brief synopsis:

The plot of Kick-Ass concerns a lonely teenage boy called Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), who decides to become a Real-life superhero after being inspired by the heroes of comic-books. He soon encounters a mysterious vigilante called Big-Daddy/Damon Macready (Nicolas Cage), and his daughter Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz), who are working to bring down a drug baron.

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