First Photo of Natalie Portman in David Gordon Green’s YOUR HIGHNESS?

     August 23, 2009

With director David Gordon Green shooting the medieval comedy “Your Highness’ on location in Ireland, a photo has popped up on the web that purports to be our first look at co-star Natalie Portman in character as a warrior princess.  Looks like it could be just about any brunette on horseback to me, but Natalie fans seem to feel that the ear in the photo is the “biggest give away”.  See what you think after the jump.

The photo of the Portman-esque performer was found on a personal Flickr page and then promptly ported over to  I’m not sure if the shot actually depicts Portman in costume, but the joust backdrop in the scene certainly fits in with the film’s fantasy take on the Arthurian tropes of 1980s cinema.

Natalie or no, I’m happy that “Your Highness” is getting some press.  The film has no scheduled release date yet but with the level of talent involved – including Danny McBride, James Franco and their “Pineapple Express’ director David Gordon Green – this is one comedy that I am definitely looking forward to.

Here’s the official synopsis in case you want to start looking forward to it as well:

Pineapple Express’ Danny McBride and James Franco re-team for a fantasy comedy sending up such ’80s gems as ‘Krull” and The” Sword and the Sorcerer” with this Universal Pictures production from director David Gordon Green. McBride and frequent collaborator Ben Best provide the screenplay, which follows two princes as they head out on a journey to save their kingdom. Zooey Deschanel and Natalie Portman co-star as a pair of princesses.

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