First Photos of Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie in THE RUNAWAYS

     July 2, 2009

Just Jared has landed some behind-the-scenes photos of Dakota Fanning as rocker Cherie Currie in the upcoming biopic “The Runaways”.  We previously saw Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett but she was still pretty recognizable as Stewart (not to slam the make-up or costume job; it’s just you know it’s Stewart just as you know it’s Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash).  Fanning is a different story.  While I can still tell it’s Fanning, she really has grown up fast and, more importantly, she’s growing up well.  I don’t mean that in the dirty old man sense but in that I think she’s serious about being the mature actor that never really suited her as a child when that attitude came off as irritatingly precocious (to the point where Amy Poehler and SNL could mock it mercilessly).  What’s more, she doesn’t need films like “Hounddog” to say “I’m a mature actress”.  She was one of the best parts of “Push” and I have high hopes for her performance in “The Runaways”.

Hit the jump to see a couple of set photos and head over to JustJared to see the full gallery.

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