First Photos Of Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz, and Jay Chou from the Set of THE GREEN HORNET

     September 6, 2009

With all of the setbacks and delays that have hit the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg adaptation of “The Green Hornet” over the past year I was beginning to believe that the film was an urban legend of some sort – or an elaborate prank.  Luckily a bunch of photos appeared online this weekend that prove that the “The Green Hornet” movie is no joke.  What else can be gleaned from the photos?  Hit the jump to find out.

Here’s what I took from the photos posted on JustJared for a scene with Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz:  Seth Rogen was right to have a life-long fear of press conferences.

JustJared also posted photos of Jay Chou as the Green Hornet’s face-kicking side-kick Kato .  You can check out a few photos from both sets below and then head over to JustJared to see the rest.

As we told you last week, “The Green Hornet” has been delayed until December 17, 2010 so Gondry now has no excuse to turn in anything less than the incredible cinematic event we are all hoping for .  No pressure though.

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