First Poster for Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT

     September 8, 2009

This is It movie image Michael Jackson slice (1).jpg

October 28th. That’s the day we find out if Michael Jackson’s death can become a cash register for the Jackson family. Actually, with Sony paying a reported $50 million to AEG for the rights to the rehearsal footage for “This Is It”, Michael has already proved he can bring in the cash. But a studio paying for the rights is a lot different than normal folks paying to see the footage in a movie theater. Because while a lot of people are happy to watch the drama unfold on CNN, paying for it is a lot different. I think it’s going to come down to the reviews. If there really is something to see, it’s probably going to make some money. But will it make back the $50 million? We’ll all know October 28th. Anyway, the first poster and two images have been released. They’re after the jump.

The poster for “This Is It” comes from Yahoo Movies.

This is It movie poster - Michael Jackson.jpg

This is It movie image Michael Jackson (1).jpg

This is It movie image Michael Jackson.jpg

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