First Poster for SALT Starring Angelina Jolie

     November 16, 2009


Is the entire marketing campaign for Angelina Jolie’s upcoming spy-thriller Salt going to be based entirely around the question of “Who Is Salt?”  That’s the tagline they put in their trailer, are using for their website, and have now put on the film’s first poster.  Because that question sounds like one a person with a learning disability would ask.  I would think that the leap to get people to accept the title Salt would be tough enough but phrasing it in the context of a question does the movie no favors.  Who is Salt?  I don’t know.  Who is Pepper?  Who is Cinnamon?  Maybe it’s just the worst stripper name of all-time.  I don’t know and I think they should just use my tagline, “Angelina Jolie Looks Hot and Beats People Up.”

Hit the jump to see the poster.  Salt hits theaters on July 23, 2010.

Head over to JoBlo to see it massive.



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