First Set Photos from Robert Redford’s THE CONSPIRATOR; Evan Rachel Wood and Toby Kebbell Join the Cast

     October 15, 2009


Yesterday, we brought you the news that Justin Long would be trying his hand at drama by joining the cast of Robert Redford’s upcoming film “The Conspirator.  The film centers on a reluctant attorney (played by James McAvoy) forced to defend Mary Surratt (Robin Wright Penn), an accomplice in the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln and to really ruin the play for everyone especially Abraham Lincoln.  Today, the first set photos from the film have landed online plus the news that Evan Rachel Wood and Toby Kebbell are now in the cast.  Hit the jump for more details and to actually break your leg when you go on stage.

The Playlist reports that Evan Rachel Wood will be playing Anna Surratt, Mary’s daughter while Toby Kebbell (“Control”, “RocknRolla”) will play John Wilkes Booth although the latter is a minor role according to those who have read the script.  If you want the full post-assassination Booth story, then keep writing letters to HBO telling them to actually go ahead and make the damn miniseries based on James L. Swanson’s excellent book, “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer”, a story which we reported on over a freaking year ago.

But back to “The Conspirator”, Redford has assembled a nice little cast for himself but I can’t seem to muster any excitement for the film since Redford’s last movie, “Lions for Lambs” was the worst piece of pedantic, patronizing garbage I’ve seen in recent years (although it looks like thoughtful, reflective cinema compared to Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story”).

Finally, the first set photos have landed online and they look, well, they look like the film is set in the United States in the 1860s so bravo costume designer and artistic director.  Click on the link above or on the photos below to see them embiggened.



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