First Trailer for IFC’s “Filmitization” of Eric Jonrosh’s THE SPOILS BEFORE DYING Hits

     June 16, 2015


IFC has released the first trailer for Eric Jonrosh’s long-delayed adaptation of his own Infinite Jest-sized novel, The Spoils Before Dying, set in the jazz scene of the 1950s and featuring Michael K. Williams‘ first major lead comedic performance as Rock Banyon. In a thoughtful touch, the trailer is made to look like the actual trailers for long-lost films, such as Orson WellesToo Much Johnson, and includes snippets of Will Ferrell’s Wellesian author-filmmaker-drunk Jonrosh introducing the film, much like he did in IFC’s deliriously nonsensical The Spoils of Babylon.


Image via IFC

The trailer also gives us a first look at Haley Joel Osment, playing Banyon’s confidant, Michael Sheen and Kate McKinnon in unspecified roles, and Maya Rudolph as Fox, whose murder Rock is framed for and must ultimately solve. The rest of the plot of this parody, which will have three episodes in total premiering on IFC, is generally vague but considering all the glorious madness and deadpan glee of The Spoils of Babylon, anticipation for this mini-series has picked up quite a lot of momentum. Expect a similar structure as Babylon when the series debut, though whereas that series picked on major television-melodrama events like The Thornbirds, The Spoils Before Dying seems more like a play on Raymond Chandler‘s pulp fiction and even Boardwalk Empire, in which Williams was a major cast member. Regardless, prepare for at least some dada-esque craziness to be unleashed amongst all the riffs off of hard-boiled detective novel stereotypes, along with jazz-age bigotry, social concerns, and concepts of artists, politicians, and cops.

The Spoils Before Dying premiers on IFC on July 8th at 9 p.m. EST. Watch the trailer below: