First Trailer for Jared Leto’s MR. NOBODY

     May 26, 2009

diane_kruger.jpgBack in December of 2007, I spoke with Diane Kruger while she was promoting “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”. At the time, she had just finished filming “Mr. Nobody” with Jared Leto and she seemed really excited when she told me what it was about and how “Mr. Nobody” was a pretty expensive project for being produced in Europe.

According to Diane, “It is the most interesting script ever. I don’t know if you are familiar with the director Jaco van Dormael, he did “Toto the Hero” and “The Eighth Day.” He is a total visionary. Jared Leto plays Nemo Nobody. And you see him from being born until he is 120 and the last mortal man to die of a natural cause of death. You see him on his death bed, basically, in the future. And he remembers his life and the things he could have done, or should have done or did not do. Myself and Sarah Polley and a Vietnamese actress play three girls he grew up. I am being Anna who was his big first love. And I moved away with my parents to America. And we lose touch. And he is always looking for Anna. And he has that memory of her. Sarah Polley is the girl he ends up marrying but she is really unhappy in the wedding. So the movie talks about how no life is insignificant. And whatever decision you will make you will encounter love, hate. It is just the most beautiful, poetic script. And Jared is quiet something. He plays himself as 120. He has six and a half hours of makeup every day.”

Unfortunately, since that interview, I hadn’t heard anything about the film, and I’d sort of forgotten about it till today. That’s because the first trailer has just been released  and it’s after the jump – along with more info on the film.

Diane also told us, “It is a huge project for Europe. It is partially financed by American money. But has a $50 million, no, $50 million Euro budget. So it is a huge movie. It has a year of post production. Six months shoot. So it is coming out in 2009.”

Since the first trailer has been released in Europe, I’d imagine we’ll get one in English soon. Until then, take a look below as it’s definitely worth watching. Also, I interviewed Jared Leto awhile back and he spoke a bit on the project. Here’s that link. As of now, “Mr. Nobody” has no release date here in America. Thanks to Quiet Earth for the trailer.


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