What Are #FivePerfectMovies? Your Fave Filmmakers Weigh In

     April 21, 2020


During these global pandemic-necessitated quarantine times, there’s not much to do other than watch movies and check out Twitter. Which helps explain the recent hashtag challenge popping off on Twtter: #FivePerfectMovies. The rules are simple: Post five films that, to you, are singular, perfect, wouldn’t-change-a-frame creations. Then tag some other friends and argue away!

The challenge is so infectious that some of your favorite filmmakers have begin posting their lists, including Rian JohnsonEdgar WrightJames GunnScott Derrickson, and more. And if you’re curious as to what makes their cinematic sensibilities tick, their list of five films is a great place to start. Without further ado: Here are #FivePerfectMovies from some of the best people making movies today. And, even though you didn’t ask, my #FivePerfectMovies are 12 Angry MenMen in BlackThe MatrixFargo, and of course, Mortal Kombat.

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