Floor Map for San Diego Comic-Con Exhibitor Hall Released

     July 21, 2009


Want to get your hands on exclusive Comic-Con items?  Then you’ll need a plan of attack.  The floor plans for this year’s Exhibitors Hall have just gone online and they may help you in bum rushing some seven-year-old so you can get your hands on the limited edition Stay Puft action figure.  The maps also highlight which companies have the biggest presence and all the usual suspects are around.

If you want like, actual comics at this comic convention go out more towards the opposite side from the videogames.  Yes, it would make sense to evenly distribute the bigger exhibitors so as to allow for easier movement but instead everything is clustered according to type which is why I almost lost an eye last year trying to get “GI Joe” poster.  If you’re going to cosplay, may I suggest dressing up as someone who wields a weapon.  I’m going to be Cloud Strife with a 1:1 scale Buster Sword.

Check out the floor maps after the jump and click on the images to see them huge.

Thanks to BoyinSuit for providing the map in printable parts.



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