Watch the ‘For Your Consideration’ Season 2 Recap from ArcLight Cinemas

     February 11, 2020

Collider’s awards-themed series For Your Consideration wrapped up its second season on Monday, and the show really took off this past year thanks to our partnership with ArcLight Cinemas.

Led by Kevin Holloway, Vice President of Film Marketing and Operations, the team at ArcLight cut a three-minute video showcasing some of the highlights of Season 2, and what a program like this means for fans, as well as artists.

“Awards season is all about discovery and exploration. One of the key goals of the program was to pull back the curtain and actually have these creatives tell more about their story, and steep the audience in what was the process for building out these worlds and these characters,” said Holloway.


Image via Lu Chau/Photagonist

“It kind of feels like the Collider-ArcLight partnership was always meant to be,” said FYC host Perri Nemiroff.

“The fans are trusting Collider and trusting ArcLight to give them that special experience. You want a little bit of something extra, and I think thats what the FYC Screening Series really provides,” said FYC host Jeff Sneider, who elaborated on what makes the show so special.

“There’s just so much passion that you feel at these screenings, whether it’s from the moderators, from the talent who are really happy to be there and talk about their work, to the people who are in the seats, who just want to learn about the craft of filmmaking.”


Image via ArcLight Cinemas

“The energy in the room is infectious,” added FYC host Scott Mantz, who predicted that Parasite would shock the world and win Best Picture — as well as Best Director.

“Watching the awards, it was so great to see a lot of our participants actually be able to take home Oscar statues. We’ve had a great first season of FYC at ArcLight, we are thrilled with the audience participation, the studio and the talent participation, and we look forward to what the future holds in 2020,” said Holloway.

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for more announcements about For Your Consideration, as well as special screenings at ArcLight Cinemas. Until next time, we’ll FYC-ya later! To watch the season finale in which the gang recaps this year’s Oscars, click here.

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