Forest Whitaker and Regina King Video Interview OUR FAMILY WEDDING

     March 7, 2010

Forest Whitaker and Regina King Video Interview OUR FAMILY WEDDING.jpg

Opening this Friday is writer/director Rick Famuyiwa’s Our Family Wedding.  The film stars Forest Whitaker, America Ferrera, Carlos Mencia, Regina King, Lance Gross, Anjelah Johnson, Diane-Maria Riva, and Lupe Ontiveros. The story is a young couple (America Ferrera and Lance Gross) travels back to Los Angeles to tell their families they’re getting married.  Unfortunately, neither family is on board with the announcement, and each member has their own opinions on marriage and relationships.  Forest Whitaker plays Lance Gross’s dad, and Regina King is Whitaker’s best friend.  To help promote the film, I recently spoke to Forest Whitaker and Regina King.  Hit the jump to watch the interview:

And click here if you’d like to watch some clips from Our Family Wedding.

Forest Whitaker and Regina King

  • Do they enjoy the promotional process
  • Did they go after the movie or did it come after them
  • We talk about how the movie features real people in real situations and only a few “Hollywood” moments
  • Filming at a house Frank Sinatra used to own

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