Tony Hale Talks ‘Forky Asks a Question’, Disney+, and Voice Recording at Pixar

     November 18, 2019

With the ten-part series Forky Asks a Question now streaming exclusively on Disney+, I recently sat down with Tony Hale to talk about the Pixar series. If you haven’t seen the trailer, the short films star Forky (the breakout character from Toy Story 4) as he attempts to learn about our world by asking questions like what is love? What is time? What is cheese? What is art? Plus a number of other things. Each episode is animated by Pixar and in the episodes I’ve seen, he’s joined by another character from the Toy Story universe. I can’t say these short films are must see TV, but they’re cute and only a few minutes each.


Image via Disney-Pixar

During the interview, Hale talked about why he loves the short films, why doing voice work at Pixar is so different, his favorite Forky merchandise, if he’s received a free Disneyland password for being in Toy Story 4, why he’s looking forward to The World According to Jeff Goldblum (which is also streaming on Disney+), creating the animated series Archibald’s Next Big Thing, and a lot more.

Check out what he had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Tony Hale:

  • What he loves about the shorts.
  • Did he do all the recording at the same time?
  • Since he’s done a lot of voice recording, how is working at Pixar similar to what he’s done in the past?
  • toy-story-4-woody-forky

    Image via Disney/Pixar

    Has he received a passport for life at Disneyland or Disneyworld?

  • Has he been given a free subscription to Disney+?
  • What is he excited for on Disney+?
  • What’s his favorite Forky merchandise?
  • The great animation on the Forky shorts.
  • What was his favorite ride at Disneyworld?
  • Where did Archibald’s Next Big Thing come from?
  • How he voiced a character on the Harley Quinn animated series.
  • Did he ever think he’d be doing this much voice work?
  • Being part of Veep and what is it like when fans of the show meet him?