Fourth MILLENIUM Book by Stieg Larsson Found; Possible Film Down the Line?

     October 12, 2010


The shroud of mystery surrounding Stieg Larsson’s potential 10 book narrative that began with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has an interesting new twist. While the Swedish author never lived to see the roaring success that his trilogy and book adaptations have become, he might have one last trick up his sleeve. Larsson died at the age of 50 from a heart attack, but he may have finished a fourth novel in the potential 10 book arc that was recently discovered by his long-term partner Eva Gabrielsson. However, there is an enormous caveat that is frustrating and relieving at the same time. Hit the jump for full details on why this might not become a fourth film and more.

girl_with_dragon_tattoo_book_coverLarsson’s brother Joakim told CBS Sunday about receiving word about the fourth novel shortly before his brother’s death. “I got an e-mail from Stieg 10 days before he died, where he said that book four is nearly finished,” he said. “To make it more complicated, this book No. 4 — that’s book No. 5, because he thought that was more fun to write.” So, instead of completing the fourth novel in order, he actually skipped ahead to finish the fifth chronologically first. That means there is likely a missing narrative connection between the third film and this novel, as Stieg clearly didn’t plan on having a heart attack.

This could potentially mean that Gabrielsson’s discovery of the laptop that contains the manuscript is a priceless piece of work that won’t neatly fit into the current trilogy without some heavy reworking. Of course, whether the book even gets published is doubtful as well. The surviving Larssons do not want to publish the book, even if it is in completed form. Gabrielsson’s involvement in this is so far minor. While she was Stieg’s live-in girlfriend for over 32 years, the couple never got married and Sweden doesn’t recognize common-law union. Additionally, the two sides can’t seem to come to an agreement on Stieg’s $20 million inheritance, as he didn’t write anything directly in his will stating Eva had legal claim to his works.

As for the setting of the fourth novel, Stieg’s friend John-Henri Holmberg gave this insight that he gleaned from an email less than a month before the author’s death.

“The plot is set 120 kilometers north of Sachs Harbour, at Banks Island in the month of September,” the email reportedly reads. “Did you know that 134 people live in Sachs Harbour, whose only contact with the world is a postal plane twice a week when the weather permits? But there are 48,000 musk-ox and 80 different types of wild flowers that bloom during two weeks in early July, as well as an estimated 1,500 polar bears.”

With the third film in the Swedish trilogy already made in the native Swedish language, and a potential Hollywood blockbuster remake on the way by David Fincher, the window of opportunity to get this fourth book released has never been bigger. But it will shrink fast and if Gabrielsson, who reportedly helped with the first three novels, can’t get the manuscript published this may very well turn into just a historical curiosity instead of a continuation of the hit series of novels.

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