Fox Begins Early Discussions for AVATAR 2

     February 2, 2010

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For doubter Ted “Turnips” McGraw of Sandusky, Ohio (who may or may not be a fictional character I just made up) it is a sad day as he must finally accept that an Avatar 2 is in development.  Mr. McGraw saw all the evidence, but due to being incredibly stupid, would not admit that Fox may want a second go-around of the film that has made a disgusting amount of money and shows no sign of losing the top spot at the box office any time soon.

THR reports that Rupert Murdoch (aka Australian Beezlebub) said during his quarterly earnings call today that the conglomerate is in “very early talks about [a sequel].” Director James Cameron “has ideas about it,” he said, adding: “We will be pushing one.”  So just in case you were wondering, Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News and The New York Post, does not give a shit about the pro-environment, anti-corporate message of Avatar because the only green he cares about is the one which comes in bags marked with giant dollar signs on them.

For more on Avatar 2: More Blue Means More Green and the possibility of a 3D DVD release for the first film, hit the jump.

Murdoch was quick to note that audiences shouldn’t hold their breath for another one anytime soon, which makes sense since Cameron has turned his attention to Battle Angel and the guy doesn’t move at a fast pace.  However, Cameron has said he has gotten his second wind so don’t expect another twelve-year absence from theaters.

As for the highly-anticipated DVD release, News Corp. deputy chairman, president and COO Chase Carey says that they don’t have the technology to do a 3D DVD for the film, but the details for the release of the 2D DVD and Blu-ray will be announced during the company’s fiscal year, which ends on June 30th.  However, Carey didn’t rule out the possibility of a 3D home release in the future because unlike the imaginary McGraw, Mr. Carey is not an idiot.

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