Fox Cancels ALMOST HUMAN Starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy

     April 29, 2014


Well, Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, you had a good run, albeit a short one.  Word has it that Fox has cancelled the J.H. Wyman sci-fi series, Almost Human.  Set in 2048 Los Angeles, Urban starred as Detective John Kennex, a snarky cop with some cybernetic enhancements and a sizable chip on his shoulder.  Partnered with Dorian (Ealy), a defunct model of android that was shelved for behaving too much like a volatile human, Kennex eventually gets over his artificial prejudices and learns to work in concert with his almost-human cohort.  Sadly, their buddy cop days are at an end.  Hit the jump for more.

almost-human-castAlmost Human ran from November of last year until its March finale this year, and turned in ratings similar to the network’s thriller series, The Following.  The latter show was renewed for a third season, but Almost Human will unfortunately not be returning.  That’s a real shame, as the show had a solid character foundation to stand on and forged fantastic on-screen relationships from the early goings.  It actually started to show signs of expanding into an interesting take on a dystopian future, but now has had the rug pulled out from under it before it could explore them further.

The cancellation appears to be due to attrition rather than out-and-out ratings issues.  Fox has given the green light to a number of other dramas, including the Broadchurch adaptation Gracepoint, Backstrom, and Hieroglyph.  Fox also had to make room for new projects such as the Batman prequel GothamTerrence Howard’s Empire and Red Band Society with Octavia Spencer, all vying for a spot.