Fox Cancels TERRA NOVA; Studio Shopping It to Other Networks

     March 5, 2012

terra nova

Terra Nova was one of the most ambitious series to ever grace the airwaves—the cost of the two-hour pilot produced by Steven Spielberg is estimated to be between $10-20 million.  Unfortunately, the storytelling never met the standard of the scope and visual effects of the sci-fi drama.  The series premiered modestly to 9.2 million viewers (3.1 rating in the 18-49 demo) before sliding to 7.2 million (2.2 18-49) for the finale in December.  That’s respectable, but not enough to justify the enormous cost.  The one thing Terra Nova had in its favor was the fact that a second season would help amortize the massive startup costs, but that’s clearly a bad position to be in if you’re a new series.  Fox finally bit the bullet and cancelled Terra Nova after 13 episodes.  Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox Television now plans to shop the series out to other networks, but guys, don’t fall for it.  It is rare for network shows to make the leap to another network, and never has a series this expensive done so.  Even if Terra Nova does somehow end up on, say, Syfy, the budget will be slashed within an inch of its life.  Suddenly Terra Nova will look a whole lot like Vancouver.  Nobody wants that.

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