May 12, 2009

human_target_comic_book_cover_slice_01.jpgIf Fox has a dog in the game of network television, it’s only because of “American Idol” and every other network head just thanks their respective deity that the show only runs between January and May and not year-round.  There aren’t enough cop and medical dramas in the world to compete with that behemoth.  Of course, networks and Americans could just try to embrace new and exciting programming, but that’s just too much work.  Better to just crunch out forgettable pop singers.

But until the horrific day when Rupert Murdoch can clone Ryan Seacrest*, Fox must make do with original programming and thus, according to THR, they have picked up “Human Target” and “Sons of Tuscon”.  “Human Target” sounds the more promising of the two.  It’s based off a Vertigo comic book about a man who assumes the identity of people in danger and becomes the “human target”.  The show will star Jackie Earle Haley and Chi McBride and will either fall short of its premise or be a smash genre hit that Fox will inevitably cancel.

“Sons of Tuscon” sounds far more forgettable: In the spirit of “Slums of Beverly Hills,” the project stars Tyler Labine as a charming but misguided hustler hired by three young brothers with considerable resources to act as their father while their real one serves prison time for a white-collar crime.

“Sons” and “Target” will join new shows “Glee”, “Past Life”, “Brothers”, and Family Guy spin-off “The Cleveland Show” (which has already earned two seasons even though no one has seen a single episode).  Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” remains “on the bubble” but I wouldn’t bet on the show’s survival.

*And this is under the assumption that Seacrest clones do not already walk among us.