FOX Renews RAISING HOPE for Second Season and Announces Preview Dates for TERRA NOVA and Jamie Foxx’s New Sketch Comedy Series

     January 11, 2011


More news from the Television Critics Association comes in the form of Fox’s early pick-up of a second season for their successful new comedy Raising Hope. Kevin Reilly, President, Entertainment for Fox Broadcasting Company said, “Raising Hope has emerged as a comedic standout: wickedly smart, hilarious and full of heart. Greg Garcia and his great cast have established an appointment show on Tuesday nights this season, and we’re confident it’s just the beginning of great things to come.” Surely fans are rejoicing already. Raising Hope returns for the rest of its first season on Tuesday, February 8th at 9/8c.

For the sneak preview premiere dates for Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova and the previously reported untitled sketch comedy series from Jamie Foxx, hit the jump.

Though the series won’t really begin until this fall, Fox has announced the spring sneak preview premiere date for the new sci-fi series. The sneak preview will be a two-night event starting Monday, May 23 at 9/8c and concluding Tuesday, May 24 at 9/8c. The show will officially debut later this fall. Terra Nova follows an ordinary family embarking on an incredible journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a small part of a daring experiment to save the human race. In the year 2149 the world is dying. The planet is overdeveloped, overcrowded and overpolluted. With no known way to reverse the damage to the planet, scientists discover a portal to prehistoric Earth. This doorway leads to an amazing world, one that allows for a last-ditch effort to save the human race and a second chance to rebuild civilization and get it right this time. Be sure to check out the recent photos from the show right here.

And Jamie Foxx will get a big sneak preview audience as Fox has also revealed his new untitled sketch comedy series will premiere Tuesday, March 31st following American Idol before its official premiere on Thursday June 9th. In the vein of Fox’s previous sketch comedy endeavor, In Living Color, this new project will offer a fresh take on pop culture, including spoofs of movie trailers, commercials, TV shows, music videos and celebrities, with a diverse cast made up of the very best new young comedians on the scene today. Additionally, some of the biggest names in Hollywood will be stopping by for a visit. I’m always up for some fresh sketch comedy, so I hope Foxx has some comedy magic up his sleeve.