Fox Still Wants to Believe in a 3rd X-FILES Movie

     August 21, 2009


The truth is out there…on the web. And that truth is that a third outing for FBI agents Mulder and Scully may be in the pipe over at Fox. The news comes from Scully herself, Gillian Anderson, in a recent interview where she revealed that not only would she be up for playing the role she’s inhabited for over a decade in a new film, but that the project has some forward momentum and that the studio is eyeing a 2012 release date. To learn more about aliens, ghosts, and reboots, hit the jump.

x-files_mulder_scully_david_duchovny_gillian_anderson_01.jpgAnderson confirms in her interview at foreign movie site, Dnevnik, that she would love to play Scully again in the new film being planned by Fox, but it’s Bloody Disgusting who came up with the news that the studio is planning a possible reboot to the “X-Files” franchise. While nothing is 100%, it’s easy to see why this move would be considered in the current Hollywood climate where remake and reboot are the name of the game. And with the box office pull of “X Files: I Want to Believe”, another flick was pretty much a given.

What would a reboot entail? Beside the obvious things that come to mind, like retconing Mulder and Scully’s marriage and kid, I would imagine we could get a story that’s in continuity with the series, but not necessarily a sequel to the other two movies and not an origin story for the series either. Then again, this is all speculation on my part as a huge fan of the series and a tragic victim of the first two flicks. Yeah, I know they have their fans, I’m just not one of ’em. Still, like a kid that keeps touching an electric fly swatter, I’m up for another “X-Files” movie that presents the opportunity to side step some of the denser continuity of the series canon and get a story that falls more in line with the feeling of the series. As long as there are actual supernatural forces this time and not just Scottish comedians bleeding out their eyes.