Fox Takes Out Another Job for HITMAN

     June 24, 2009

hitman_movie_poster_onesheet.jpgYou would think that they’re $39 million return (it was $100 million worldwide but it’s weak to cite that when it comes to tallying box office success) on the $30 million adaptation of the videogame “Hitman” would dissaude Fox from making a sequel since reaction both among critics and fans of the game (the two do not overlap because critics do not play videogames; instead we enjoy fine wines and discuss the finer points of 18th century literature) was lukewarm at best.  Despite casting the charismatic Timothy Olyphant as the genetically-engineered Agent 47, the film was stunningly dull with director Xavier Gens crafting flat set pieces that left you wondering if this was supposed to be an action movie.

But Fox is trying again and have brought screenwriter Kyle Ward (who also wrote the script based on “Kane & Lynch”, another videogame adaptation which mercifully hasn’t hit screens yet) on board for a new script based on the upcoming “Hitman” videogame due out in 2010, because if you need a great story, you can always look to videogames.  The story would focus on 47 “building himself back up psychologically and physically to reclaim his mantle as the world’s most feared assassin.”  I hope there’s a montage set to 80s music.  Also, is there an assassin ranking system?  Does he go online and check and see that he’s behind Agents 32, 10, and 98?  Why would they make such a website?  Because there’s a mantle and if everyone doesn’t know you’re an assassin, then what’s the point.

No word yet if Olyphant will return freshly shorn and ready to kill.


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