Fox To Play God by Adapting SPORE

     October 1, 2009


While it’s been nowhere near as successful as “The Sims”, Will Wright’s follow-up effort “Spore” did attract generally favorable, if not enthusiastic, reviews despite being five little games in one.  The best part was being able to create your own creatures which isn’t so much a game but it was still fun which is more than I can say for most video games that sell millions upon millions of copies.  But “Spore” isn’t a no-name game and so THR is reporting that Fox is going to adapt it into a CG animated feature.  While I’m negative on almost every video game movie, I have some hope for this one because it requires creativity sincer there’s no plot.  No princess to save, no gritty crime to uncover, nothing that lazy writers can pad and then collect their paycheck.  Plus, with “Robots” director Chris Wedge at the helm, I think the movie will be at least visually impressive since I still think “Robots” is one of the best animated CG movies I’ve seen.

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