Fox to Show Extended 3D Scenes of AVATAR at San Diego Comic-Con

     June 4, 2009

sdcc.jpgWhile it’s been rumored for some time, a trusted source tells us that Fox will be showing extended 3D scenes from James Cameron’s upcoming film, “Avatar” at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  We don’t know how much we’ll be seeing but I sure like that word “extended” (there are so many commercials that use it when talking about making a man “larger”, whatever that means).  We don’t know where they’re showing this footage and if it will be for the public or just press.  It’s possible they could show it in Hall H, but the difficulty there is projection.  3D projectors ain’t cheap and it’s not like Hall H just has one really big screen.  It’s a big stage with lots of flat panel monitors hung from the ceiling and scaffolding that falls on your editor-in-chief.  So what then?  Do they get one of the larger conference rooms and try to just keep cycling people through to watch footage and then return their glasses for other people to use (eeeewwwww)?  Or do they rent a local theatre and use that to show footage?

Either way, “Avatar” isn’t going to be the only film that needs to find a way to show off 3D footage.  As the technology becomes more prevalent, other studios are going to need a way to show off their 3D footage to the unwashed masses of convention-goers.  There’s already word that we’ll be seeing a brand new trailer for “TRON” and keep in mind that Steve lost his already fragile mind when he saw the 3D test footage for the film at “ShoWest”.  Throw in films like “Toy Story 3”, “Alice in Wonderland”, or really any upcoming film either from Disney or DreamWorks Animation in addition to anyone else that has a 3D movie and it’s not unrealistic to think that 3D is going to have a presence at Comic-Con and “Avatar”, more than any other 3D movie, wants to make that presence known.

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