Fox to Make ALIEN Prequel by Hiring Ridley Scott. AS THE DIRECTOR.

     July 30, 2009


A few months back, we reported that Ridley and Tony Scott were attempting to resurrect (if you’ll excuse the term and forget your enmity towards the fourth film in the series) the “Alien” franchise by bring Carl Rinsch on board to direct a new installment in the franchise. While Tony Scott confirmed that the fifth film would be a prequel, he offered no details on the story.

Hit the jump to find out how it fell apart and how Fox is trying to put it all back together.
alien_xenomorph_02.jpgUnfortunately for Rinsch, Fox needed Ridley to return to bring the franchise back as a director.  Only his name could re-ignite interest among jaded fans who had lost interest in the series after what felt like nothing but sharply diminishing returns.  Now Variety is reporting the major news that Ridley Scott will direct the fifth “Alien” film which will remain a prequel.

But here’s the thing you always have to keep in mind about Ridley Scott: he has about 5,000 projects on his plate at any one time.  He’s considering, among others, “The Kind One”, “The Passage”, and that freaking “Monopoly” movie, but none of it is because he’s hurting for work as much as he’s constantly mentioning projects he may or may not direct.  It then drives the whole internet into the frenzy and he laughs and laughs and laughs.

Fox has got Scott back to direct because of a pitch from writer Jon Spaihts (don’t look for any credited films for him on IMDb; he doesn’t have any).  Spaihts got some cred from his space-thriller scripts, “Shadow 19” and “Passengers” plus three more on the way with Keanu Reeves attached for “Shadow 19” and hiring Spaihts to write “Passengers”.   While Mr. Reeves only seems to make about two great films every ten years with the rest being bombs, you have to remember that a new decade is coming up so it might be good to start trusting his instincts again.

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