Fox wants Matthew McConaughey’s ROOSTER TALES

     November 30, 2009

matthew_mcconaughey_image__1_.jpgVariety is reporting that Matthew McConaughey, through his J.K. Livin’ Productions, will be producing an animated series for Fox based on the life and times of his brother.  According to McConaughey, his brother, Michael, also known as “Rooster,” has had a life “so unbelievable, we had to animate it.” The story is set to start with the marriage of a rough, redneck sheriff to a young woman from Mexico.  Hilarity ensues when he is welcomed into her family…of 114.  After beating out TBS and Comedy Central for the rights to develop Rooster Tales, Fox now has the show in the script stage.

While the premise is somewhat reminiscent of Salma Hayek’s memorable appearance as Jack Donaghy’s girlfriend on 30 Rock I am unsure if there is really enough comedic potential for a quality series.  Really, what I am most impressed with is the euphemism-friendly title.

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