Frank Marshall to Adapt Robert Ludlum’s COVERT ONE for a Potential Franchise

     May 20, 2010

Director Frank Marshall (Eight Below) has taken the helm of Covert One, which is the next potential Robert Ludlum movie franchise.  Ludlum was the author responsible for the Bourne books and while those movies have now stalled, Covert One is like a team of Jason Bournes working together.  Says Pajiba, “[the books] featured a team of political and technical experts belonging to a top-secret U.S. Agency called Covert One, who fight corruption and conspiracy at the highest and most dangerous levels of society.”  The first novel in the series, Covert One: Hades Factor, was adapted into a TV movie starring Stephen Dorff and Mira Sorvino back in 2006.

Due in part to the success of the Bourne films, the other works of Ludlum (who died in 2001) have become hot commodities.  Also in development are The Chancellor Manuscript directed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace),  The Matarese Circle, and Universal’s got The Sigma Protocol and The Parsifal Mosaic.

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