The Witching Hour: ‘Freaks’ Filmmakers Break Down Their Innovative Superhero Indie

     September 12, 2019

Welcome to The Witching Hour! Collider’s horror podcast, co-created and co-hosted by Editor and Horror Lead Haleigh Foutch and Senior Editorial Producer Perri Nemiroff. On this week’s episode, we welcome Freaks filmmaking duo Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky for a wide-ranging chat about their super-powered indie drama. From how they got into filmmaking and wound up a creative team to the day-to-day struggles on the set of an ambitious low-budget film, we dig into what it took to get their festival hit made.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Freaks debuted at TIFF last year, where it earned a round of enthusiastic reviews as a mystery-box thriller built around a world of dark fantasy. Lexy Kolker stars in a breakout role as a young girl who’s spent her life locked up in a house with her dad, who tells her certain death waits outside if she ever leaves. But when she takes an interest in the ice cream man (Bruce Dern) she always sees outside her window, the fierce little lady decides it’s time to find out the world’s truths for herself. It’s a tight mystery that doles out details as it slowly unfolds the map of its world, hinting at a massive scope.

We also dig into some plot details at the end of the episode, so if you haven’t seen Freaks yet, be sure to tune out at the spoiler warning and bookmark the end of the podcast for afterward. The filmmaking duo was willing to dig deep into their mythology and the rules of their universe, so if you’re intrigued by the film, you’re gonna get a lot of good info from our discussion.

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