Freddy Rodriguez Talks Ragosa’s New Job on the Set of THE NIGHT SHIFT Season 2

     March 5, 2015


Everyone’s going through big changes on season 2 of NBC’s The Night Shift, but Ragosa’s (Freddy Rodriguez) might be the most drastic of all. After spending the large majority of season 1 being an all-business boss and insisting that hospital policy take priority, Ragosa found out he had a tumor behind his eye, had it removed and now he’s back at San Antonio Memorial with a completely new outlook on life – and now a new job, too. At the beginning of the new season, Ragosa resigns as hospital administrator to go back to medical school and work as a doctor’s assistant, essentially putting himself at the very bottom of the hospital hierarchy he used to be at the top of.

While on the set of The Night Shift, I got the chance to sit down with Rodriguez to discuss the big changes in Ragosa’s life. He touched on the challenges he’ll face with his colleagues, how it’ll affect his personal life, the wardrobe change that makes him look like “the purple pill” and more. Catch it all in the video interview below. The Night Shift airs Monday nights at 10pm on NBC.

Freddy Rodriguez:

  • 00:00 – On his upcoming ADR session.
  • 00:26 – Tackling all the medical jargon for the first time.
  • 01:01 – On Ragosa starting from scratch; can Rodriguez relate?
  • 02:11 – Does the job change how Ragosa feels about hospital policy; how the job switch affects his personal life.
  • 03:04 – How Rodriguez feels about the change.
  • 03:38 – What happened to Ragosa in between seasons; how did his eye surgery go?
  • 04:42 – Ragosa’s new hairdo.
  • 04:53 – On Ragosa’s new wardrobe; what makes his scrubs different. (FYI, I believe “the pill” Rodriguez refers to is Nexium.)
  • 05:42 – Working with Eriq La Salle again.