Ryan Reynolds Wants to Sell You Swag in This ‘Free Guy’ Trailer Teaser

     December 6, 2019


The Free Guy trailer is this close to debuting, friends, and the movie’s star, Ryan Reynolds, as well as cast members Lil Rel HoweryJodie Comer, and Joe Keery want to help get you hyped up for it. To do that, this Free Guy quartet came together in a newly-released trailer teaser video where they shared what drew them to the movie. Well, most of them shared; one person had a tough time staying on topic.


Image via 20th Century Fox

In a trailer teaser video tweeted out by Reynolds on Friday, we see the Free Guy star more ready to hock some sweet swag based on his character, Guy, than talk about the movie. After Howery, Comer, and Keery all share what drew them to Free Guy, it’s Reynolds’ turn. Looking dead-on into the camera, the actor not only says Guy’s blue shirt drew him to the movie but then hijacks the video by trying to sell items of Guy’s wardrobe, including the tie and name badge, to viewers. The video transforms into an infomercial with Reynolds doing a solid job of trying to hock the goods. He even manages to get in a joke about the film needing to sell merchandise in order to do Disney proud (Free Guy is a 20th Century Fox release which means it’s also part of the Disney family). At the end of the video, the big news is revealed as we learn the first trailer for Free Guy will premiere on Saturday, December 7.

Directed by Shawn LevyFree Guy follows Guy (Reynolds), a bank teller who learns he’s a non-player character (NPC) in a violent open-world video game who finds himself caught up in a bigger story. In addition to Reynolds, Howery, Comer, and Keery, Free Guy also stars Taika WaititiChanning Tatum, and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

Free Guy hits theaters on July 3, 2020. Make sure you watch the entire trailer teaser video below and then check out (and bookmark!) our complete 2020 movie release calendar.


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