Friday Box Office: ‘Coco’ Looks to Lead Box Office for Third Straight Weekend

     December 9, 2017


In its third frame, Coco looks to be the winner once again, if Friday totals are any indication to weekend takes. Pixar and Disney’s latest blockbuster, which may also be Pixar’s best since WALL-E, has currently made about $121 million domestically, whereas its global total is hovering in the $172 million range. By the end of its run at the multiplexes across this nation, Coco will probably land in the same arena as Cars 3, Pixar’s other big release of the year, and will do so without the name recognition that the third Cars movie had going for it.


Image via A24

The Pixar movie has made enough money already to put some distance between itself and the closest competition on the board, most notably The Disaster Artist and Justice League. The former film, which expanded into 800 more theaters this weekend after its limited release last weekend, is currently in second with $2.6 million, bringing it’s total up to about $50,000 less than what Coco made on Friday in its third weekend of release. It’s also less than $100,000 ahead of Justice League, which has brought its domestic total up to $205 million. Though the movie’s global take of $576 million suggests that the reported $600 million price tag for the movie in total won’t be difficult to make-up, the fact that it’s still in peril of not clearing a sizable profit explains why the DCEU is getting an enormous retooling.

Outside of these competitors, the top five is pretty familiar. Wonder has been bumped down to number four, but will likely cross the $100 million mark domestically by the end of Sunday, following its $2.5 million take yesterday. Meanwhile, Thor: Ragnarok, one of Marvel’s most resilient box office colossuses, is holding on in the fifth spot with $2.5 million on Friday, adding a few more million to the movie’s $296 million domestic take. Taika Waititi‘s Marvel film will likely cross the $300 million mark domestically by weekend’s end, which is something we likely will never be able to say about Justice League.

Here’s your top five at the box office for Friday:

Title Friday Domestic BO Total Domestic BO
1. ‘Coco’ $4,272,000 $121,477,690
2. ‘The Disaster Artist’ $2,623,000 $4,219,774
3. ‘Justice League’ $2,545,000 $205,010,371
4. ‘Wonder’ $2,510,000 $94,363,106
5. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ $1,676,000 $296,541,064

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