Friday Box Office – DESPICABLE ME On Top With $21.7 million, ECLIPSE Falls To Second; PREDATORS Stalks Third

     July 10, 2010

After opening at number one on Friday, Despicable Me is now on track to become Universal’s first bona fide hit since the summer of 2008. No kidding. The 3D animated film brought in an estimated $21.7 million yesterday, and as only 44% percent of the 3,476 locations screening the family film are 3D equipped, that qualifies as a BIG win for the studio that, earlier this summer, brought you MacGruber. With a Saturday boost factored in for the PG flick, Despicable Me could hit a three day total of $55 million. That would keep last week’s headline-whore Eclipse in second place after earning $11 million on its second Friday. Robert Rodriguez’s Predators took third with an estimated $10.5 million from its 2,661 locations. That puts the reboot on track for a weekend in the $30 million neighborhood – basically the same neighborhood that Alien Vs. Predator inhabited in the summer of 2004. Full weekend results await when when you check back here tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Despicable Me $21,700,000 $21.7
2 Twilight Saga: Eclipse $11,000,000 $214.6
3 Predators $10.500,000 $10.5
4 Toy Story 3 $6,500,000 $323.4
5 The Last Airbender $5.200,000 $88.2

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