Friday Box Office – THE GREEN HORNET Defeats THE DILEMMA With $11.1 Million

     January 15, 2011

Green-Hornet-movie-image-seth-rogen slice

Around Christmastime, we heard The Green Hornet was tracking surprisingly high for a January release.  Could the superhero film really do big business in a desolate box office winter?  The answer is… well, kind of.  The Green Hornet won’t break the record for opening weekend in January nor the Martin Luther King holiday record set by Cloverfield in 2008.  But the film sits comfortably atop the box office charts with a solid $11.1 million on Friday.  The Dilemma had a harder time finding an audience despite its marketable pedigree.  Vince Vaughn.  Kevin James.  Ron Howard directing.  How can you lose?  Still, The Dilemma scored just $6.1 million on Friday, which should make for a moderate opening weekend.  True Grit, The King’s Speech, and Black Swan round out the top five in demonstration of what January is truly good for: catching up on Oscar contenders.  Check back tomorrow for full details.

Title Friday Total
1 The Green Hornet $11,100,000 $11.1
2 The Dilemma $6,100,000 $6.1
3 True Grit $3,200,000 $118.4
4 The King’s Speech $2,500,000 $38.0
5 Black Swan $2,400,000 $67.3

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