Friday Box Office: INSIDE OUT Edges Out JURASSIC WORLD for First; TED 2 Looks Soft

     June 27, 2015


June continues to offer up a bounty of box office entertainment entering its final frame. In the last two weeks we’ve seen Jurassic World overturn nearly every record in its path, including the biggest opening weekend ($208.8 million), second weekend ($106.5), first full week ($296.2), the fastest film to $400 million domestic (10 days), and fastest to $1 billion worldwide (13 days). That would typically be enough excitement for one month, but last weekend Inside Out also gave us the highest opening ever for a non-sequel ($90.4 million) and the second-highest opening for Pixar, behind Toy Story 3.

So how will this record-defying month end? With a win for Inside Out, a roar from Jurassic World, and a whimper from Seth MacFarlane.

For the second Friday in a row, Inside Out was North America’s number one film. At least for now. With an estimated $14.9 million on its eighth day in theatres, the Pixar feature came out barely ahead of Jurassic World, which collected an estimated $14.7 million. Those numbers are really too close to declare a definitive winner until final numbers are released on Monday but, for now, we’ll go with what we’ve got.

Unlike this time last week, Inside Out is expected to extend its Friday victory into a first-place weekend win. Projections have been a bit off in the last two weeks (remember that Jurassic World was expected to open with $120 million?) but, at this point, Inside Out seems to have a slight edge over Universal’s dinosaurs: $50 million to $49 million. Once again, those numbers are too close to call, so don’t be surprised if JW pulls out the win.

Even if Jurassic World winds up in second place, however, Universal will have no reason to complain. On Friday, the film passed Avengers: Age of Ultron to become 2015’s highest-grossing film and, by Monday, it should become just the fifth movie in history to hit $500 million in domestic grosses.


Image via IMP Awards

Moving down to third place, we find Ted 2. The sequel to writer/director Seth MacFarlane’s breakout comedy hit took in an estimated $13.2 million on its first day in theatres, including $2.6 million from Thursday previews. That should translate into an opening weekend of approximately $34 million: down 37% from the original Ted, which opened on this same frame back in 2012. But if you think Universal is disappointed with the debut prospects of Ted 2, I would remind you that Jurassic World has already made this the highest-grossing year in the studio’s history. With six months left to go in 2015, everything else is gravy.

Finally, the family-friendly drama Max debuted in fourth place on yesterday with an estimated $4.35 million from 2,855 locations. That equals a pretty-poor per-theatre average of $1,524 but, considering the giant blockbusters the Warner Bros.’ title is up against, Max was never expected to be a major player.

Here’s Friday’s top five based on studio estimates. Check back tomorrow for complete details on the weekend box office.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Inside Out $14,900,000 $147.8
2.  Jurassic World $14,700,000 $460.5
3.  Ted 2 $13,200,000 $13.2
4.  Max $4,350,000 $4.35
5.  Spy $2,120,000 $82.67


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