Friday Box Office – KICK-ASS On Top with $7.5 Million

     April 17, 2010


The evolution of Mathew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass has epic dimensions – even for a superhero flick.  With such a legendary build-up, perhaps it’s little wonder that the film’s actual debut would fail to match expectations. Kick-Ass launched in 3,065 theatres on Friday and brought in an estimated $7.5 million. That was enough to claim number one at Friday’s box office, but not quite enough to get the R-rated action-comedy to the $30 million weekend figure that Lionsgate was hoping for. Three day projections should, realistically, bring the ass-kicking to the $20 million range. That’s more than fellow newcomer Death at a Funeral, at any rate. The comedy brought in an estimated $5.5 million from 2,459 engagements and is looking at a weekend total of about $17 million. Meanwhile, after relinquishing weekend bragging rights to Clash of the Titans on Monday, Date Night looks strong entering its second weekend. The comedy lost just 40% of last Friday’s total and is running even with Funeral for second place.  Full weekend details tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Kick-Ass $7,500,000 $7.5
2 Death at a Funeral $5,500,000 $5.5
3 Date Night $5,500,000 $37.4
4 Clash of the Titans $4,300,000 $121.5
5 How to Train Your Dragon $4,200,000 $142.8

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