Friday box Office – Madness! ALICE IN WONDERLAND Has 2010’s Best Opening with $41 Million

     March 6, 2010


Director Tim Burton’s much-anticipated 3D adaptation of Alice in Wonderland arrived at the box office with a bang on Friday. Estimates give the Disney pic a one day total of $41 million from its 3,728 theatres, putting it on a track for an opening weekend well above $100 million. That figure is high enough to crown Alice the all-time leader for a March debut while also making it the highest opening ever for a 3D feature; outstripping the $26.7 million Avatar earned on its first Friday last December. Antoine Fuqua’s Brooklyn’s Finest premiered as a distant second with $5.2 million from its 1,936 theatres, though that figure only looks unimpressive when viewed next to the giant success of Alice. Full details on Oscar weekend’s top ten when you check back here tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Alice in Wonderland $41,000,000 $41
2 Brooklyn’s Finest $5,200,000 $5.2
3 Shutter Island $4,000,000 $86.5
4 Cop Out $3,000,000 $26.2
5 The Crazies $2,500,000 $22.8

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