Friday Box-Office Report – NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM takes #1 with 15 Million

     May 23, 2009

headline.jpgThere was a time when the Memorial Day Weekend heralded the official start of Hollywood’s summer blockbuster season.  Today, if I’m not mistaken, the season that accounts for over 40% of the studio’s entire yearly revenue begins somewhere in mid-February… or maybe it just feels that way.  This particular holiday weekend gives us the year’s first blockbuster showdown as WB’s retooled “Terminator” franchise goes head-to-head with Fox’s suddenly summer-worthy sequel “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian”.  “Terminator” came out early and brought in a so-so $13.4 million on Thursday and another $3 million from its midnite gigs.  Friday was the first big test, however.  Here’s how things shook out:

Title Friday Total
1 Night at the Museum 2 $15,300,000 $15,300,000
2 Terminator Salvation $14,845,000 $28,217,000
3 Angels & Demons $6,050,000 $66,161,000
4 Star Trek $5,775,000 $167,409,000

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