Friday Box Office – SEX AND THE CITY 2 Likes it on Top with $13.1 Million; PRINCE OF PERSIA Opens in Third

     May 29, 2010


Memorial Day weekend started early for Sex & the City 2. The sequel launched on 3,445 screens Thursday, bringing in $14.2 million including $3 million from midnight shows. Friday added another $13.1 million, giving Sex a running domestic estimate of $27.3 million and a projected five-day holiday take somewhere north of $65 million – just a bit over what the first Sex & the City made in 2008…over three days…on a non-holiday weekend. Counter-programming for the menopausal City gals came in the form of a beefed-up Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia the Sands of Time. The RPG turned big-screen adventure flick fell a bit flat in its debut, opening in third place with an estimated $10.2 million from 3,646 screens. The four-day projection for Persia looks like a solid $45 million so, Pirates of the Caribbean it ain’t.

Title Friday Total
1 Sex & the City 2 $13,100,000 $27.3
2 Shrek 4 $11.300.000 $101
3 Prince of Persia $10,200,000 $10.2
4 Iron Man 2 $4,200,000 $262.7
5 Robin Hood $2,800,000 $75.5

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