Friday Box Office – SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Starts Strong with $20.3 Million Debut

     June 2, 2012


Aside from one incredibly-successful major release, the domestic box office has been a rough place to launch a movie for the past month or so. No studio has had a tougher time than Universal, of course – the home of The Five-Year Engagement and the big-time bomb known as Battleship. So color the folks at Universal ecstatic that their latest release, Snow White and the Huntsman, is looking like a hit. Huntsman brought in an estimated $20.3 million from 3,773 locations on Friday, including $1.38 million in midnight grosses. That beats the $17.6 million that Men in Black 3 earned last Friday: a feat made more impressive by Huntsman’s two-dimensional/non-sequel limitations. Projections now point to a weekend in the $55 million range. That’s a bit above where long-term tracking had Snow White a few weeks back and well above the $38 million hedge that Universal started circulating in the wake of Battleship. So now the studio gets to claim a first place finish and the headline “Universal beats expectations.” It should make for a refreshing change of pace.  Details and top-ten analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Snow White & the Huntsman $20,300,000 $20.3
2 Men in Black 3 $8,300,000 $91.3
3 The Avengers $5,370,000 $538.1
4 What to Expect When You’re Expecting $1,500,000 $27.7
5 The Dictator $1,400,000 $47.5

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