Friday Box Office: ‘The Emoji Movie’ Leads Over ‘Dunkirk’

     July 29, 2017


Considering the fact that Christopher Nolan‘s Dunkirk hit theaters and took the top spot at the box office last weekend, it’s unlikely, though not impossible, that the depiction of one of World War II’s more nerve-racking tales of rescue and survival will repeat its success. This does double with the introduction of two potential hits – the animated Emoji Movie and the Berlin-based action flick Atomic Blonde, headlined by Charlize Theron and James McAvoy. Then there’s the still-thriving success of Girls Trip and Spider-Man: Homecoming to take into account.


Image via Warner Bros.

There is simply no excusing the kind of empty corporate celebration that The Emoji Movie hinges on, especially with the amount of product placement that’s packed into its thankfully short runtime. That the movie is neither funny nor heartwarming nor sincere nor exciting is not especially surprising, though you’d think they’d want it to be all those things in theory. The lack of ingenuity in design is also a remarkable deficiency in what will certainly go down as one of 2017’s most inexcusable releases, but the fact that the movie openly insists that there is a better, livelier world on your iPhone or Android than anything in real life is what really makes this minor fiasco really something deserving of singled-out derision.

Still, the thing just might make it to the top spot, despite a bevy of reviews that highlight just how shallow Sony Animation’s latest turns out to be. By the end of Friday, The Emoji Movie was firmly in first place with $10 million, while Dunkirk took second with $8 million and Atomic Blonde coming in third with $7.1 million. Of course, this only gives us an inkling of what we will see by Monday morning, but most prognosticators have this weekend coming down to Emoji and Dunkirk,  with Atomic Blonde likely taking third place above Girls Trip, which took in $6.2 million to land in fourth, and Spider-Man: Homecoming, which ended Friday in the fifth spot with $3.9 million to add to its cumbersome domestic take. Any other weekend, I’d excuse a movie of arguable substance like Dunkirk losing to the new animated movie as just a result of kids needing entertainment too. With The Emoji Movie, however, I’d almost suggest parents bring the kids to Dunkirk.

Here’s your top five:

Title Friday Domestic BO Total Domestic BO
1. ‘The Emoji Movie’ $10,050,000 $10,050,000
2. ‘Dunkirk’ $8,000,000 $82,706,220
3. ‘Atomic Blonde’ $7,100,000 $7,100,000
4. ‘Girls Trip’ $6,200,000 $51,639,220
5. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ $3,900,000 $268,806,805

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