Friday Box Office – THE EXPENDABLES Beat Back VAMPIRES SUCK For First Place

     August 21, 2010


Five new movies crammed into theatres on Friday. All of them arrived without much fanfare or anticipation which is why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that none of them managed to make much money either. The clear king of the newbies – with all of $4.4 million – was Fox’s Vampires Suck. The Twilight spoof actually launched on Wednesday and had earned $6.3 million in its first two days in 2,978 locations. That estimate was not far behind the Friday total for The Expendables; though the latter should have no trouble hanging on to its weekend title for a second week in a row. Elsewhere in the top five, the estimates are too close to call between new titles like Lottery Ticket and Piranha 3D and holdover Eat Pray Love. The amounts in question are so small it hardly seems worth arguing over, in any case. Farther down the box office food chain: The Switch placed a dismal number seven (barely ahead of the sequel to Nanny McPhee!) despite the best efforts of Jennifer Aniston to make her fecund film appear ‘controversial.’ Full coverage on the weekend of bad options when you check back tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 The Expendables $5,000,000 $53.3
2 Vampires Suck $4,400,000 $10.7
3 Lottery Ticket $3,800,000 $3.8
4 Eat Pray Love $3,700,000 $38.8
5 Piranha 3D $3,600,000 $3.6

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