Friday Box Office – THE POSESSION Leads Lackluster Labor Day Offerings

     September 1, 2012


Labor Day weekend has never been known for its extravagant grosses, and 2012’s holiday certainly won’t be bucking any trends. Lionsgate’s The Possession took Friday bragging rights (such as they were) with an estimated $6.1 million from 2,816 locations. Producer Sam Raimi’s supernatural thriller should remain on top through Monday with a projected $17 million over four days. The Weinstein Co.’s Lawless was second on Friday, after opening two days earlier in 2,888 locations. The drama featuring Shia LeBoeuf and Gary Oldman is expected to earn at least $15 million by the end of the long holiday weekend. Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure also opened on Wednesday – in seventeenth place. The children’s film is expected to collect less than one million from its 2,160 locations through Sunday – just shy of the record for the lowest wide release of all time. On Labor Day, you take your news where you can get it.

Title Friday Total
1. The Possession $6,100,000 $6.1
2. Lawless $2,800,000 $4.9
3. The Expendables $2,200,000 $59.5
4. The Bourne Legacy $1,800,000 $90.1
5. 2016 Obama’s America $1,500,000 $14.5

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