Friday Box Office – THE ROOMMATE Scores First Place with $6.4 Million; SANCTUM A Distant Second with $3.5 Million

     February 5, 2011


Surprise!  The low-budget Pg-13 thriller The Roommate scored a first place opening at Friday’s box office.  The film’s estimate of $6.4 million from 2,534 locations is nearly double that of the second-place Sanctum.  You’ve heard of Sanctum?  It’s the 3D movie that producer James Cameron has been plugging pretty relentlessly for the past week or so.  Friday was the one chance that the more male-skewing title had to make some coin before this weekend’s Super Bowl festivities.  Instead, it looks like female-driven titles like The Roommate and No Strings Attached (still strong on its third Friday) have the advantage from the beginning.  We’ll be back with full coverage and analysis tomorrow, although one wonders who will be paying attention…

Title Friday Total
1 The Roommate $6,400,000 $6.4
2 Sanctum $3,500,000 $3.5
3 No Strings Attached $2,900,000 $46.2
4 The King’s Speech $2,300,000 $78.1
5 The Rite $1,900,000 $20
6 The Mechanic $1,785,000 $16.5

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