Friday Box Office – THIS IS IT Continues To Underperform with $7.9 Million Friday

     October 31, 2009

This is It movie image Michael Jackson slice (1).jpg

I almost never get to look like a box office sage, but I’m gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back for predicting that the whole Michael Jackson “This Is It” premiere smelled more of hype than of actual box office potential. As Wednesday’s premiere inched closer and the projected totals got higher and higher I felt a pang of doubt – could this movie actually make $250 million worldwide in its first five days as AEG had boasted? I needn’t have worried. In fact, it now looks like even my modest $54 million projection was too high. After bringing in an estimated $7.5 million on Friday “This Is It” seems destined for the $30 million range by the end of its first 5 days – especially with lower than average Saturday figures expected thanks to Halloween’s inconvenient scheduling. “This Is It” will still have enough hype left to carry the weekend, but with “Paranormal Activity” now in more than 2,400 theatres, the gap between the two films will be smaller than Sony would like. Check back tomorrow for full details on the movie thriller that wasn’t.

Title Friday Total
1 This Is It $7,900,000 $19,100,000
2 Paranormal Activity $6,000,000 $74,200,000
3 Law Abiding Citizen $2,400,000 $46,500,000
4 Couples Retreat $2,380,000 $83,000,000
5 Where the Wild Things Are $1,950,000 $58,700,000

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